Industry Fields(산업분야)

CEO & Board

CFO, CHRO, CIO, CITO, CMO, CRO, CSO, CTO, Standing Auditor, Compliance, Head of Strategy, Legal

  • Financial Services
    Bank, Securities, Asset Management, Credit Card, Capital, Hedge Fund, Insurance, Private Equity,
    P2P, Real Estate, Rental, Saving Bank

    Private Banking, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate Banking, Consumer& Commercial Banking

    Accounting, M&A, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Alternative investment, Portfolio Management

    Actuary, Underwriting, Database, Big Data, A.I.(Artificial Intelligence), CRM

  • Consumer Products
    Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Boutique, Fashion & Apparel, Luxury

    Marketing, Brand, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Advertising, Market Research, E-Commerce,
    Mobile Commerce, R&D, EHS

  • Medical
    Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Biotechnology

    - Pharmaceutical Research
    - Medical representative
    - R&D

  • IT
    IT Services, IT Security, Web Programmer, ERP, Computer Software, Hardware
  • Industrial
    Aerospace, Agricultural, Aviation, Automotive, Chemicals, Energy, Oil, Gas, Construction, Electronics,
    Forestry, Materials, Mechanical, Semiconductor Chips and Devices, Telecommunications

    - Engineer, Environmental Health Safety, Diversified Manufacturing, R&D

  • Others
    Game, Media and Entertainment, Travel, Hospitality, Leisure